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Email Accounts

Email Addresses

Our hosting includes support for POP3 and SMTP email services. These are easily configurable for common email clients, and include a webmail front end should you wish to access your emails from other locations with a web browser. When we set up your web site for you we will set up the email account on the domain using whatever username and password you request (Check our support section for instructions on accessing your email account.)

You can have additional email accounts for use with each domain name, forwarding addresses such as sales@ that delivers to one or more inboxes. Please contact us to discuss options and prices.


Spam covers all unwanted emails you may receive, including advertising materials from other companies, general unsolicited junk, usually including virus attachments or links to suspect web sites. Unfortunately this is virtually impossible to block. It's a side-effect of your email address being on your web site. Web Space Invaders are unable to completely block this incoming spam but are developing methods to reduce the numbers. This includes features such as JavaScript coded email links on your site, and simple questions on guest books and enquiry forms that will reduce automated attacks.

If you ever receive an email claiming to need your credit card or eBay account details verified, delete it immediately.

If you ever receive an email claiming to be from Web Space Invaders that includes an attached document or file, feel free to contact us to verify that we sent it.