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Content Management

What is content management?

Content Management systems can vary widely, but basically it's the functionality that lets the web site owner modify the contents of their web site. All too often the term "content management" is handed-out like it's the solution to designing you own web site, but we feel that is too complicated and involved for the average web site owner. With Web Space Invaders, we can integrate specific options into your site that you need.

Online Stock Control

Your online shop may get new products, vary prices and end stock items on a regular basis. With our easy-to-use system you'll be able to add new product categories, upload product details and photos, edit prices and stock levels, etc.

Image Management

Our latest image handling plug-ins let you upload digital photos and are scaled and cropped to fit your web site layout best. This is all through your web browser, no special software to install and little instruction required on how to use it. It can be integrated into your eCommerce solution to manage product photos easily.

Static Page Content

Sometimes you might want to edit a whole page yourself, where it's content varies often and you'd rather do this yourself. It can be a cost effective solution as it's a one-time installation by us and you are free to edit your pages as you often as you want.

Latest News

Keep your visitors updated with news items, such as holiday opening hours, new product lines upcoming, celebrity visitors to your shop, etc. An intuitive browser-based system lets you easily add news items, and if required these can appear on the front page of your web site where they're sure to get noticed.

Newsletter Subscription

Why not send your latest news directly to your subscribers? With a newsletter function on your site, visitors can choose to join your mailing list online. They will then receive your latest news items directly to their inbox. Surveys prove that this is the most effective method to encourage return visits to your web site! We can even design some eye-catching templates for your emails allowing you to choose your latest products to include in your email, and add personalised greetings to each person you deliver to.